SP Ranches Home of Locally Texas Raised Healthy Meat Choices

 No Steroids Hormones or Antibiotics Used, GMO-Free, Beef Pork Chicken and more 


 Located in Sherman, TX, SP Ranches is a locally family owned and operated source you can trust when it comes to quality, healthy meat choices. We have chosen South Poll Cattle and Tamworth Heritage Pigs for grass-finished beef and pastured GMO-Free heritage pork. SP Ranches uses NO feedlot practices, NO hormones, steroids, or antibiotics and all of our meats are GMO-Free.  

Know Your Ranchers

 SP Ranches began in 2012 with five heifer calves. Our founder David Staggs wanted to learn how to grow grass naturally using the cattle as the workers. We use mob grazing practices which allows the soil healing time. While using no chemicals such as fertilizers we depend on the animal's feces as a way to improve the soil naturally. Since then, we have acquired the main SP Ranches property, grown our cattle herd, begun a herd of Tamworth Heritage Pigs, added heritage chickens, and honeybees as well. 

Our Mission

We aim to provide quality products that are good for the health of your family and our animals as well as to give back to our land in natural ways.

Animals at SP Ranches

Our Livestock Caretakers

Our Livestock Caretakers


 We raise our animals at SP Ranches much like we raise our pets at home. We feel it’s important to show our South Poll cattle and Tamworth Heritage pigs all of the love and attention they require. We believe that anything that knows what love and attention is desires just that. Realizing that the animals of SP Ranches are here for their quality of meat, we feel that incorporating these practices into our animals lives helps them live as stress free as possible. We do not rush our animals to the processor, we let them live a quality, happy, healthy life until they are of size and we know its time 

Our Livestock Caretakers

Our Livestock Caretakers

Our Livestock Caretakers


 Finding the right caregivers for SP Ranches is very important. Our caregivers are there to love and care for the animals and to help them live healthy, happy lives in a stress-free environment. We have given most of our animals their own names, and a handful of them even come when called! The caregivers take time seven days a week to provide animals with positive attention.  

Our Approach


We are constantly looking for ways to improve and to learn from each opportunity that comes up. Plans for a larger pasture setup to move boars and sows into a controlled breeding area and rotational grazing is on the drawing board as well as other changes to Tamworth Valley. 

SP Ranches is changing our cattle herd from Black Angus to South Poll cattle. We were so impressed with Greg Judy's methods of rotational grazing and his herd that we followed his technique.

Using rotational grazing methods, we are able to move our cattle daily, and our South Poll herd comes from his ranch. We are one of the few ranches that raise pure grass-fed, grass-finished beef by only allowing our ranch animals to eat grass from birth onward.

Got Questions?

 Reach out to our staff today for additional information. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.